Abstracts Invited for XVI IAWS National Conference Sub-theme 8

The XVI National Conference of Indian Association for Women’s Studies (IAWS) will be held in Delhi from 28th to 31st January, 2020. The theme of the Conference is Constitutional Principles in 21st century India: Visions for Emancipation. The Conference will attempt to foreground the dynamic, diverse voices of women and other marginalized groups, drawing also from the rich and growing databases, in the discussion on the Constitution and its key principles which carry the emancipatory potential and hopes.

The Conference seeks to bring out experience of struggles against multi-layered oppressive structures, economic inequalities, hierarchies of caste, social discrimination, poverty and their interlinkages so as to rebuild a gender just Indian society. Our perceptions and tasks for social transformation are hence deeply connected with constitutional interpretations.

This Conference aims to focus on these struggles, their consequences, the debates they have given rise to and the ways in these interventions have and can impact the lives of our most marginal citizens. In short, this conference aims to think along with the Constitution and its visions of emancipation.The Conference has ten Sub-themes that will be run in parallel over the three days of the Conference.

Sneha Gole and Sarojini N with Sama team will be coordinating the Sub-theme 8 on Citizens/People, Laws and Right to Life.

Abstracts of papers on Sub-theme 8: Citizens/People, Laws and Right to Life are invited for submission.

The Sub-theme 8 invites papers which look at the constitutional guarantee of Right to Life by encompassing all the ways in which it has been theorized and operationalized in judgements and struggles, and ways of taking it forward.

Papers can explore the expansion of the rights in recent judicial decisions, the way the right is being compromised in the translation of those decisions into legislative and administrative actions, the meaning of right to life in the present conditions, challenges with instrumentalization of the rights and distancing it from the aspect of social justice, and attempts to revitalize it in the larger context of ‘nationalization’, ‘corporatization’, and ‘criminalization’ of human lives.

They could broadly address the following sub-themes:

  1. Reframing the contours of the right to life: Beyond the law
  2. Whither social justice? Introspection on the role of law
  3. Problematising citizenship and the right to life

Please send your abstracts to the Subtheme 8 Coordinators: Sarojini (sarojinipr@gmail.com) and Sneha Gole (gole.sneha@gmail.com)

Call for abstracts are open till 20th November 2019.

Concept Note of Sub-theme 8 | Guidelines for Abstract Submission | All Sub-themes

For more information on the Conference, visit IAWS website.

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