Assessment with Public hospitals in Delhi

A process of Situational Assessment of public health facilities in Delhi was initiated to explore and understand the preparedness of Hospitals in Delhi to respond to survivors of sexual violence and domestic violence; create spaces for learning and linking with healthcare providers and health system; and generate evidence for advocacy for strengthened public health response to gender based violence.

A list of 53 hospitals was prepared which included hospitals functioning under different authorities, from which 30 Hospitals were shortlisted for field visits based on phone calls and web-search. Interviews with health care providers were conducted with a total of 22 hospitals.

An interview guideline was developed and used for facilitating interviews, and consent of all the interviewees was taken.

The analysis of the assessment in Delhi is being finalized. It flags critical gaps in knowledge, perspectives and response to GBV. While there is some response to sexual violence, the response to domestic violence is extremely skeletal. The assessment was conducted prior to the release of the MoHFW protocols and drew attention to the lack of standard procedures, practices with regard to medico-legal response to sexual and domestic violence. Capacity building for health care providers emerged as an urgent need. The assessment provided important insights into areas for strengthening within the health system as well as the gaps in its linkages with other service providers.

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