Improving Recruitment in Clinical Trials: Why Eligible Participants Decline

Julie Brintnall-Karabelas, Susanna Sung, Mary Ellen Cadman, Carol Squires, Katherine Whorton, Maryland Pao | Journal of Empirical Research, Human Research Ethics | March 2011 | NIH Public Access Abstract There is a need to explore why protocol-eligible subjects refuse participation in clinical trials. Without a clear understanding, participation by representative… Continue reading

Equitable treatment for HIV/AIDS clinical trial participants: a focus group study of patients, clinician researchers, and administrators in western Kenya

D. N. Shaffer, V. N. Yebei, J. B. Ballidawa, J. E. Sidle, J. Y. Greene, E. M. Meslin, S. J. N. Kimaiyo, W. M. Tierney | Journal of Medical Ethics | January 2006 | NCBI-PubMed Abstract Objectives: To describe the concerns and priorities of key stakeholders in a developing country… Continue reading