”The invisible”: Participant’s experiences in clinical trials

Sarojini Nadimpally, Divya Bhagianadh | PICR | 2017 The paper discusses the perspectives of clinical trial participants about the various aspects of Clinical Trials (CTs) and is based on the primary research conducted by Sama in 2012-13. The paper describes the perspectives of participants on the relevant aspects of recruitment into… Continue reading

The Mental Healthcare Bill Fails to Humanise How Mental Illness is Approached

Kalyani Badola, Amrita Gupta, Ruchi Bhargava| The Wire|16 December 2016 The Mental Healthcare Bill, 2013 has received a lot of attention since it was passed by the Rajya Sabha in August this year. In the Bill, provisions like decriminalisation of suicide, advance directives and nominated representatives introduce a rights-based approach for individuals.… Continue reading

Marketing Reproduction: Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Commercial Surrogacy in India

Sarojini Nadimpally, Deepa Venkatachalam | Special Issue: Gender and Commercialisation of Health Care | Guest editor: Bijoya Roy | Indian Journal of Gender Studies | Volume 23 Number 1 | 2016 The growth of the huge privatised infertility care industry in India can be attributed to a culture loaded with stereotypically defined gender… Continue reading

For Motherhood and for Market: Commercial Surrogacy in India

Sarojini Nadimpally | New Cannibal Markets Globalization and Commodification of the Human Body | 2015 | Publised by Collège d’études mondiales | Edited by Jean-Daniel Rainhorn, Samira El Boudamoussi The book includes the contributions made during the international conference in Geneva on 6-7 February 2014 on the the globalised development of the commodification of… Continue reading

Reconfiguring Reproduction

Book Title: “Reconfiguring Reproduction: Feminist Health Perspectives on Assisted Reproductive Technologies” ISBN: 9789383074525 Edited By: Sarojini N and Vrinda Marwah Authors: Betsy Hartmann, Sarah Sexton, Renate Klein, Sarojini N, Hedva Eyal, Marcy Darnovsky, Judy Norsigian, Shree Mulay, Madeline Boscoe, Jyotsna Agnihotri Gupta, Young-Gyung Paik, Vrinda Marwah, Deepa Venkatachalam, Preeti Nayak, Tarang Mahajan and… Continue reading