Surrogacy Information brief

The information brief presents and discusses various facets and issues related to surrogacy in India. It is meticulously structured in a way that it draws on Sama’s engagement through research, which reflects the documented ground realities vis-à-vis the practice of surrogacy. Also refer to:ART Policy Brief: Bill and RulesClinical Trials:… Continue reading

The Framing of Gender and Labour

The report titled, The Framing of Gender and Labour: Conversations around Contemporary and Commercialised Sex and Reproduction in South Asia, presents an intra-South dialogue into surrogacy and related debates, towards developing perspectives that can inform collective work in the region in future. It documents a visit by four members to… Continue reading

Prajanan main Sahayak Taknikiyan

Assisted reproductive technologies is a group of technologies that are used in conception or contraception. Sama’s engagement with ARTs commenced because of its severe consequences on women’s health. In order to raise awareness on assisted reproductive technologies, an information booklet was published for wider dissemination of information on ARTs and… Continue reading

Tolakari- A Beginning

A document on health training is an outgrowth of Sama’s field based initiatives on health and women’s empowerment. The document was prepared by Sama with Girijana Deepika and CEAD, in order to document the experiences of various training undertakings and to develop them into a tool to help NGO’s and… Continue reading