Gender based violence is a health issue

This Hindi‐English poster complements the information booklet on Gender Based Violence.These materials are expected to serve as a resource to educate, sensitise and mobilise stakeholders on gender based violence as a public health issue. Also refer to:Workshop on ‘Addressing Gender Based Violence as a…Gender based Violence and Health: Strengthening…National Consultation… Continue reading

Contraceptive Choices

A satire on the existing state of affairs in the backdrop of an oppressive social atmosphere, with improper housing, lack of food, education or employment, women are being given a choice in contraception. Available in Hindi and English. Also refer to:Unveiled Realities – A study on women’s… Continue reading

New Reproductive Technologies

This poster depicts the fertility control lobby targeting women with invasive and hazardous contraceptive in the name of providing choice. The poster is available both in Hindi and English. Also refer to:Consultation on ‘New’ Reproductive and Genetic…Assisted Reproductive Technologies – A CritiqueAssisted Reproductive Technologies: For Whose Benefit?Seminar on Advancing Feminist… Continue reading