City gifts gay couple parenthood

Durgesh Nandan Jha | The Times of India | New Delhi | 16 February 2011

Juam and Mauro, a gay couple from Spain, are cradling two bundles of joy in their arms, holding them close to their chest. They feed the babies every three hours and look every inch the proud parents they are. The two got married last year and are now all set to enjoy parenthood thanks to assisted reproductive technique (ART) used at a fertility centre in the capital. One of the partners gave his sperm which was fertilized artificially with donor eggs and then put in a surrogate mother who delivered the twins recently.

Dr Anoop Gupta, who owns Delhi IVF Fertility Research Centre where the twins were born, said that many gay couples are opting for surrogacy these days. “At least five such couples have got children using ART technique at my clinic in the past few years. They include a lesbian couple from Greater Noida,” he said.

Gay rights activists see this as an important step towards securing their rights as it will start an era of same sex parenting. And new legal provisions are likely to make this surrogacy easier.

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