Couple bring embryos, take back baby

Malathy Iyer | The Times of India | 3 August 2008

MUMBAI: Even the heavy downpour could not dampen Israeli couple Dotan Gilat and wife Irit Zan’s mood as they winged their way back to Jerusalem. The couple had come to the city after reading about the quality reproductive care offered by its doctors. And Mumbai had delivered: in their arms was their 20-day-old son Dean and in their baggage was the paperwork related to his birth.

Only one year ago, they arrived anxiously cradling a special nitrogen casket that contained seven of their embryos that had been frozen in an infertility clinic in Jerusalem. A local woman “who spoke no English” was to be the surrogate mother. “Patients like Irit who fail to get pregnant despite several attempts are considered for surrogacy as per the law,” said infertility specialist Dr Hrishikesh Pai.

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