Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants

Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi | 2006

The release of revised Ethical guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human subjects by the Council in 2000 was followed by a number of developments in science and technology. These have led to further widening of healthcare between the developed and developing countries … Considering the recent advances in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, separate guidelines have been brought out by the Indian Council of Medical Research
as “National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision and Regulation of ART Clinics in India”(2005). Since India is being projected as a global hub for clinical trials and the number of corporate hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities is growing, visits by foreign specialists using newer techniques or devices is increasing. Some Indian institutions are also involved in making indigenous devices, which have to be tried in Indian patients for safety and efficacy … The guidelines for the important biotechnology areas like stem cell research and stored tissue including DNA banking have also been added in this revision.

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