Got milk bank?

Surekha Kadapa-Bose | The Hindu (Business Line) | 26 December 2006

At a human milk bank, a lactating woman’s breastmilk is collected, pasteurised, tested for any microbes of diseases and then stored in a freezer at -20 degrees centigrade.

Sheila Pawar delivered her baby after a difficult Caesarean. Her family panicked: how would she breastfeed the newborn, considering the time it was taking Sheila to regain consciousness.

One-day-old Baby S. was found abandoned by the roadside. The pitiable cries were heart-rending as the tiny infant screamed with hunger.

In a tiny hut in the Dharavi slum, two-month-old Munna suffered severe burns when boiling hot dal (lentil) fell on him accidentally. Admitted to the local municipal hospital, injured Munna didn’t have the strength to suckle at his mother’s breast.

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