HC asks Centre, Delhi to ensure pregnant women face no barriers during lockdown

Prathma Sharma | LiveMint | 24 April 2020

The Delhi High court on Friday directed the Centre and Delhi government to work in tandem to make sure that pregnant ladies and their family members residing in hot spots, do not face any barriers during the lockdown.

… The petition was filed by an organisation called Sama- Resource Group For Women and Health to ensure unimpeded access to maternity and neonatal healthcare services for pregnant women and newborn children in Delhi during the period of lockdown / restrictions due to the pandemic.

… The court was apprised about the guidelines laid down by health ministry for enabling delivery of essential health services during the covid-19 outbreak. The guidelines include reproductive and neonatal healthcare services to the pregnant women, besides prevention and management of communicable deceases, treatment of chronic deceases to avoid complications and for addressing other emergencies.

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