Organized a Panel on Violence Against Women at the AOGD Annual Conference

Sama has been engaging with the Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Delhi (AOGD) through interactions and conducting workshops. The AOGD comprises around 1600 members, including doctors from the private as well as public hospitals in Delhi. Sama was invited to organize a panel on 22 September, the 35th Annual Conference of the AOGD.

The panel moderated by Sama included Adv. Vrinda Grover (a senior lawyer and activist), Dr. Jagadeesh Reddy (a forensic specialist involved with the ethical issues in this regard), Dr. Surveen (a practicing infertility specialist in the private sector and a member of AOGD) and Dr. Renu Arora (Associate Professor and Consultant at Safdarjung Hospital).

The panel followed a question and answer format, and clarified doubts and issues with regard to law and ethics of health care providers and institutions in their response to sexual assault. Concerns were also raised by participants about the law on mandatory reporting, role of health care providers in private institutions, the finger test and provision of opinion by doctors.

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