Outsourcing a womb

Gagandeep Kaur | The Hindu (Business Line) | 6 April 2007

The term surrogacy is generally associated with women unable to bear children of their own because of medical complications. However, an increasing number of healthy, married working women are now making inquires about surrogate motherhood. Keen to be mothers and yet not willing to put their careers on hold, these career-driven women have given a new twist to the concept of outsourcing.

Says Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar, Chief IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) Consultant and Endoscopist at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune: “We have got two cases in the recent past of career women who opted for surrogate wombs so that there wouldn’t be any break in their careers. One is a 32-year-old woman based in Singapore. She has taken the surrogate woman with her to Singapore for delivery. The second is a woman based in South India and working in the IT industry.”

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