Public Health, Right to Health and Health Care

Sama believes that health care services must be available, affordable, and accessible to all as a matter of right, including to the socially and economically marginalized. The dismal state of public health in the country along with the rapid proliferation of the unregulated private sector has been a continuing concern. Today the increasing privatization of health care systems and the transformation of comprehensive health care into mere commodities is taking place in a context where there is acute inadequacy of primary health care facilities. For the vast majority of the population, this translates into increased indebtedness and further exacerbation of poverty. The impact of these factors is more severe on women due to their social, economic and psychological burdens.

Sama has been working towards the campaign for the right to health and healthcare through research and advocacy, and through larger groups and coalitions.

Short Course on Challenges to Access to Medicines: A Report

Sama conducted a three day short course on CHALLENGES TO ACCESS TO MEDICINES: PATENTS, PRICING AND DRUG RESEARCH IN INDIA from 16th to 18th August, 2017 at Sanskriti Kendra in Delhi. The course included presentations, group discussions and activities and film screenings conducted by resource persons from various fields. The participants came from diverse backgrounds… Continue reading

Participation in Youth Workshop on Intellectual Property, Public Health and Access to Medicines

Sama participated in the four day workshop organised by Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) along with People’s Health Movement (PHM) and Prayas from December 18– 22, 2015. The workshop coincided with the 4th Global congress on Intellectual Property and Public Interest. Sama conducted sessions on clinical trials and women’s… Continue reading

Participation in Review of SDGs

Sama participated in the global strategy meeting of CSOs with UNFPA held in Lisbon on December 2015. This meeting facilitated discussions on the implementation of ICPD beyond 2015. An interactive dialogue was done with UNFPA on the advancement and implementation of the outcomes of ICPD and the inclusion of the… Continue reading