• The Government of India should adopt a paradigm shift for Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP), from immunisation delivery to disease control with adequate public health infrastructure.
  • Introduction of vaccines must be complemented with addressing the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) that affect and determine the situations of healthcare with equal commitment, particularly for the most vulnerable groups of people in our society.
  • Wherever occurring significant doubts about effectiveness and safety profiles of the new vaccines must be addressed rigorously.
  • Compensation should be paid for all forms of vaccine related injuries and harms.
  • Data sharing should be ensured for independent verification forthwith, in the larger interest of public health.
  • All the clinical trial data and the adverse events that are serious in nature should be made available, analysed by experts, and placed in the public domain.
  • The Government of India should formulate guidelines for Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI) investigation drawing upon the existing global frameworks.
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Studies should be conducted before any new vaccines are considered.
  • Public sector production of vaccines should be prioritised instead of purchasing from private companies whether Indian or foreign Multinational Companies (MNCs).
  • Rights to privacy, confidentiality, information and autonomy of individual recipients of vaccines must be upheld and protected.

Highlights from the Seminar Sessions

Session I: Present Status of Children’s Health and Vaccination
Session II: Prioritisation of Interventions for Disease Prevention
Session III: Inclusion of new vaccine in the UIP: How effective are new vaccines?
Session IV: Inclusion of new vaccine in the UIP: Risk assessment and safety of vaccine
Session V: Ethics and Regulations
Session VI: Inclusion of new vaccine in the UIP: Cost effectiveness and Financial issues
Session VII: Inclusion of New Vaccines in the UIP: Health System Preparedness


Annexure 1: Background Note of the Seminar
Annexure 2: Seminar Schedule
Annexure 3: Organisers of the Seminar
Annexure 4: List of Participants

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