Regulating the Surrogacy Boom

Neeta Lal | | 20 January 2008

After years of trying and treatment, US-based couple Jason and Nancy are finally proud parents of a healthy baby girl. And their tiny bundle of joy, Tara, was delivered for them by Ashaben through a surrogacy arrangement at Kaival Hospital in Gujarat. An Israeli gay couple experienced similar joy when, at Mumbai’s Hiranandani Hospital last September, they ‘fathered’ twins through a surrogacy programme.

Noted fertility expert Dr Indira Hinduja describes surrogacy as one of the well- accepted methods of assisted reproduction, that benefits patients who can’t conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. “Such people can take the help of surrogates, who carry their child in the uterus and then hand it over to the genetic parents, post-delivery,” she says.

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