Training of Delhi Police Social Workers

Adsa and Amrita from Sama went as resource persons for a one-day training program on right to health, reproductive and sexual health and health impact of gender based violence. The session was part of a month long training series organized by Resource Center for interventions on VAW, TISS in agreement with NCW and Delhi Police to provide technical support to 11 Special Cells for Women/ Counseling Units for women facing violence in Crime Against Women (CAW) Cells of Delhi. The training was organized for 22 social workers and two coordinators recently recruited by the Delhi Police for the programme. The aim was to enable them to address cases of women who come to seek help at the respective police stations for GBV or in distress of any kind and provide a multi-agency coordinated response to enable women to lead a violence free life.

The session was held on 18th March at the Special Police Unit for Women and Children, Nanakpura, South Motibag. The session covered an Introduction to Right to Health, Reproductive and sexual health and discussed the process of addressing such cases using case studies. It also provided a perspective on the MTP Act and PCPNDT Act and discussed in detail the health aspects of Gender Based Violence and some protocols of how the health system should respond to cases of Gender Based Violence.

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