US woman blessed with Mumbai miracle

Pratibha Masand | The Times of India | Mumbai | 4 December 2009

When the US-resident Joy (38) held her baby Samuel for the first time at Mumbai’s Lilawati Hospital on November 24, a mixture of emotions flooded her heart. She felt proud of the small being in her arms born from a part of her own body, at the same time gratitude welled up in her eyes for Rekha, the surrogate mother who gave birth to Samuel.

Joy underwent in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), but it was still a miracle of sorts that she got a baby of her own, since she suffered from cervical cancer when she was 21 and had to undergo hysterectomy. But when she and her husband Kelly were told it was possible for them to have a child of their own, they started looking for IVF facilities across the world and zeroed in on Mumbai.

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