Women as Wombs

N. B. Sarojini | InfoChange | Agenda | Medical Technology: Ethics

The unethical use of technology to control reproduction has a long and contentious history, writes Sarojini N B. There can be no doubt that women need effective contraception. The question is: Are the contraceptives being tested and promoted both effective and safe? Shouldn’t women be able to control their use? Shouldn’t women have the right to choose, with complete awareness of the risks involved?

Just  because we can do something, should we do it?

As medical technologies develop in ways that were  unimaginable only a few decades ago, this is a question that has come to plague  all of us since the second half of the 20th century. Advancements in the field  of reproductive medicine, reproductive technologies in particular, have prompted  this question. In a sense we ‘can’ do something because it has been made  possible; research in medical technologies, whose direction and type have been  shaped by the needs of the state and international bodies, has  furthered intervention in the reproductive potential of women.

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