You can now shop for sperms in city

The Times of India | 23 September 2008

MUMBAI: When infertility specialists across the globe are worried about the falling number of sperm donors, an international sperm bank has set up a branch in Mulund. Within a year, the bank will start selling samples to infertility doctors across the country.

The reason behind Denmark-based Cryos International starting its Indian operations is simple: huge business potential. Its MD Dilip Patil said, “IVF specialists said there was a need for good quality donor sperm.”

Dr Pushpa Mitra Bhargava , who is a member of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), the committee that drafted the guidelines for fertility clinics, look at things more scientifically. “When the new Act on infertility clinics come into force, it will be mandatory to have anonymous donors instead of the current practice of directed donation of sperm (the donor or recipient are decided beforehand),” said the scientist. “Then, this sperm bank-the second stand-alone facility in Maharashtra after the one in Aurangabad-and many more will become all the more popular.”

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